Thursday, November 7, 2013

Agricultural Technology- Grameen Foundation's CKW Program


Grameen Foundation's CKW Program


     Grameen Foundation team up with Palantir Technologies to revolutionize Uganda’s approach to farming. Grameen Foundation provided 28,000 geocoded soil samples from all over Uganda, and Palantir Technologies used it to create an exhaustive soil map of Uganda. The map includes pH levels on areas in the country, where to optimally plant prominent crops (maize, coffee, bananas, and soybeans), and areas which are vulnerable to maggots and other types of pests. 


Pros: The map is very comprehensive with regards to planting those prominent crops in Uganda. It tells its users exactly where the best to grow those crops in the country is. 


Cons: Unfortunately, the map has just covered those top crops. Therefore, the similar data for other crops still needs to be produced for other farmers who plant other crops. 



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