Thursday, November 7, 2013

Agricultural Technology- Aqueduct





     Aqueduct is an online database, created by the World Resources Institute, that lets its users to combine 12 important indicators of water risk to build global overall water risk maps. The 12 indicators are such as baseline water stress, inter-annual variability, seasonal variability, flood occurrence, drought severity, upstream storage, groundwater stress, return flow ratio, upstream protected land, media coverage, access to water, and threatened amphibians. It shows us areas that have water quality problems, gives us predictions for floods and droughts, supply-to-demand ratios, and many other details. Each location is given a certain risk score, and heat maps provided in the database points out which areas have the biggest problems. This database has been used by many companies, investors and even governments to make global policy decisions regarding water scarcity, particularly. 


The downside is that this database is based on the water scarcity data for the last three years, causing this database to provide results that are not fully precise or true. 


The advantage of this database is that it helps many people to predict and understand many areas with water scarcity and quality problems.



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