Thursday, November 7, 2013

Agricultural Technology- Farm Defenders


Farm Defenders


     A 3D farm simulation game for the continent of Africa. The game is realistic to the agricultural conditions in Africa, like the soil type, weather, and natural challenges. It teaches its players to efficiently and effectively grow plants and become wealthy while also preventing various kinds of diseases and pests. The users of the game will also learn a variety of soils in Africa, enhance your soil productivity, grow the right crops at the right time, know various techniques to fight off pests and diseases, know when to harvest at the right time and have ideas regarding how to store and sell your crops. In addition, the game also provides its users the understanding as to how to form associations, cooperatives, and trading partners to further advance your agricultural business in your local area. Unfortunately, this simulation game is made for farming in Africa continent. Simulation program for other continents have not been made by the organization. People can send an email to the organization to create the same simulation game for their desired continents. 






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